Sue & Tracy Fox Testimonial

13 August 2018

Good afternoon,

Our windows and doors are all fixed ~ JOB WELL DONE! We want to thank everyone at UWS ~ from our initial call with Tiffany, the same-day temporary bathroom window board-up and the final repair, the repair estimate work for the rest of the damage, Josie’s help with the estimates and scheduling, and then the completion of the window and door repairs today.

To just say “Thank You” is not enough.  We never realized how horrible and violated it feels to come home and find our home was burglarized, with precious things thrown around like trash, and items that we have owned for as many as 40-50 years now forever gone. My (Sue) initial fear was of finding our 13-year old cat missing or injured ~ luckily he was healthy but very traumatized.  Never believed that I would feel the unsettling emotions that I have during these last three months.  Knowing that your team was there until the end, along with our great insurance adjustor and claim agent, sure gave us confidence that it all would be over and fixed.  It is now done!

We hope that none of you ever go through this, but if you do, that you have such wonderful people as those who helped us through this, every step of the way. This includes UWS employees that we never met, but who were working behind the scene to make everything right again.  The two guys today were great!  They were able to repair everything and knew how to improvise where needed.  The front door was a challenge, but their knowledge and professionalism was apparent.  They fixed it!

I apologize for not knowing all the names of the UWS employees who helped us.  Names and number sequences are not things that I easily remember.  I even took a memory class once ~ but then could not recall the trigger word or image, which is the clue to remembering something specific.  That was a total waste of time.

Again ~ thank you, thank you, thank you ~ one and all.  We are so glad that you were the original supplier when we built our house in 2011, using Ross Built from AMI.  We know that we can always count on you to help us in the future.  We will always recommend you to anyone who asks about a window or door supplier.

Sincerely, Sue & Tracy Fox