Aria Series By CWS

High Quality, Energy Efficient, Non-Impact Resistant Vinyl Windows For Replacement & New Construction

Recognizing the demand for an energy efficient window, CWS was the first window manufacturer in Florida to obtain an Energy Star® rating from the NFRC. Available in Single Hung, Double Hung and Horizontal Slider. Click on the PDF downloads below for detailed information.

Environmentally Sensitive
Vinyl can be reused and recycled repeatedly throughout its’ long life cycle, reducing the strain on the environment. More than 99% of all manufactured vinyl compound ends up in a finished product, due to recycling. The use of vinyl saves more than 40 million barrels of oil per year compared to other alternatives. Use less energy and create less waste.

Energy Efficient With Value
Vinyl windows are widely accepted and account for 68% of the entire residential window market. Vinyl, as a building material, has revolutionized the building industry because it offers remarkable
versatility. It can be flexible, yet rigid, and produced in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Why Vinyl?
The popularity of vinyl is due largely to energy efficiency. Vinyl is an effective thermal insulator and is well recognized as an excellent frame material for energy efficient windows. CWS windows meet or exceed the stringent requirements of Energy Star® for u-value and SHGC.

Weathering and Color Retention
Over time colors can change or fade. Custom Windows’ vinyl formulation technology minimizes color change over time, utilizing several key components such as Titanium Dioxide (TiO²), which is the major component in sunscreen. It’s like sunscreen for your windows!
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2017 Aria Brochure
610 Series Single Hung
610 Series Double Hung
620 Series Horizontal Slider