Weiland Liftslide Glass Doors

Create the ultimate indoor/outdoor lifestyle with the Weiland Liftslide.

In the 1980’s, Weiland designed a flush track system which changed the shape of sliding door history by creating a beautiful transition between the indoors and outdoors. Since then, Weiland has been the source for progressive track designs that feature excellent performance and quality, easier installation, and improved weather resistance.

The first thing that stands out about our two flush track options are that they project only 3/16″ above the finished floor which not only creates a seamless transition from inside to outside, it also eliminates almost all tripping hazards. Additionally, the flush tracks on multi-panel units are staggered, avoiding the railroad track look of most other door systems.

Weiland's Flush Track System
Weiland’s Flush Track System

Weiland systems are used in extreme environments, including harsh desert heat and frigid cold ski resorts. Living in a beautiful climate means wanting the make the outside part of your everyday living space. The Lift and Slide allows for you to have the functionality of a sliding glass door while creating a seamless floor transition. The Lift and Slide achieves this by lifting the door panels onto rollers and gliding smoothly on a weather rated flush track with only a 3/16″ profile above the finished floor. When the Lift and Slide is closed and locked, the panels rest on the track and floor creating a water and wind barrier that keeps the unwanted elements out; no need for an intrusive track system.

Our tracks are made of hardened, anodized aluminum and have withstood the test of time in harsh weather environments. Weiland’s standard and patented drainage flush track systems are tested and meet AAMA performance standards, making them reliable and secure in severe weather conditions.

With door panels that can reach up to 16′ tall, the Liftslide maximizes your view. It can be built in countless configurations such as corner, curved, and pocketing units, so you can design your project to your needs.

Hardware That Lasts

Our custom hardware lifts the door panel by engaging the wheels and allowing it to roll smoothly along the flush track. This way there’s no friction caused by the dragging and wearing of weather stripping seen in conventional sliding doors. And unlike conventional sliders, lift and slide panels only rest on the wheels when they are being moved, so that the wheels remain in great shape for a long time.

Track Details

The ability to create expansive sliding door openings with performance rated flush tracks require that certain flooring tolerances be met. To accomplish this we designed our flush drainage tracks with a built-in marker to make sure the smooth surfaced finished floor (including grout lines and flooring in pockets) is installed at exactly 3/16″ below the top and along the entire length of the track.

Weiland has developed two tested flush track systems, including the patented full drainage track shown below.

Flush Track Detail


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