WindPact Plus Patio Doors By CWS

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Universal Window Solutions offers high-impact and high-performance patio doors. Combining energy efficiency and structural integrity, our patio doors protect you from hurricanes, intruders and high energy bills with state of the art technology and design.

Designed and built in Florida for coastal markets. Engineered and structurally reinforceed to outlive hurricane-force winds and flying debris. So, despite their stylish good looks and effortless operation, our patio doors are built to take it.

Please click on the video below to see the how the WindPact Window is Glazed to make it superior to the rest.

If the building envelope is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the building causing an increase in pressure that could lift the roof and push the walls outward. WindPact Plus Hurricane Impact Resistant windows helps to preserve the building envelope, keeping wind and other elements outside.

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star® standards.
  • Superior ultraviolet and thermal protection.
  • Excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency.
  • Keeps glass clearer longer.
  • Effortless cleaning and maximum natural lighting.
  • Durability and Resistance from the elements

Available in an array of frame colors, grid material, glass colors and finishes. Visit our Showroom and speak with one of our professional consultants to help you choose which Custom Window Systems product is right for you.

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